Become a Get-Started member

Start-ups can apply for membership within the context of our Get Started initiative at especially favourable terms. The following membership application checks whether the company fulfils the prerequisites for a Get Started membership. It takes about 15 minutes to fill in. In addition, we will need the following information:

  • Company registration number
  • Details of your turnover figures for the last year
  • Number of company staff
  • Bank account details

After filling in the application, it must be signed and sent back to us. For detailed information here are our Articles of Association and the Membership Fee Regulations .

Information about membership

Criteria for the discounted start-up membership

The prerequisites apply as a whole and must be present in the first four fiscal years. If one of the fields is not ticked, unfortunately no further processing of the application can occur since the conditions for a Get-Started membership are not fulfilled.

  • Company founded not more than 4 years ago*
  • 3-50 staff subject to social insurance
  • the founder is active in the management*
  • Not more than € 10 million turnover in the fiscal year*
  • Company is not a spin-off*
  • Company seat in Germany*

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